Why Use A Self-Storage Unit?


Why Use A Self-Storage Unit?

Storage facilities offer secure, cost-effective, convenient and flexible storage solutions to people from all walks of life, including students, young people, couples, newly weds, growing families, elderly people, hobbyists and vehicle enthusiasts, business owners, tradies, restauranteurs, and entrepreneurs. 

In this article, we’ll go through the benefits these different types of people get from using self-storage units.

People With Limited Living Space

With space always at a premium in cities and towns across Australia, it’s no surprise that a rapidly growing number of individuals and business owners are using storage facilities to create more space at their homes and business premises. Does this sound like you?

The Benefits of Storage For People With Limited Space

Well, the primary benefit here is having more space (obs), but what does that really mean? Because essentially having more space is about more than just finding room to swing the proverbial cat (and no, we do not recommend this). 

Clutter in your home or workspace leads to stress, increased procrastination, the inability to focus, and difficulty in finding the things you need when you need them (which leads to even more stress). 

On the other hand, being able to declutter and create more space around your home or workspace, relieves stress, helps you to focus, improves productivity, boosts happiness, and leads to better sleep at night. Plus, a less cluttered space is easier to clean, which means you’ll have less dust and dander, and better overall physical health and wellbeing. 

Not sure what sized storage unit you might need? Simply click here and use the “60 sec Space Calculator”

In Transition…

Change is an inescapable part of modern life – we are almost constantly transitioning from one stage of life to another. If you are going through these changes and need a secure, cost-effective space to store all or some of your belongings, that’s where storage facilities can make a huge difference.

Whether you are moving to a new home or business location; going on an extended holiday, volunteering overseas; moving in with a partner, friend or relative; making room for visitors, parents or a new arrival; downsizing; adding on or finally getting those long-awaited renovations done, storage facilities offer the ideal location to store valuables, furniture, appliances and other belongings during these transitions.

The Benefits of Storage For People in Transition

Storage units ensure that your belongings stay safe while you move and offer the flexibility to extend your storage term if your move takes longer than expected. Plus, any items that don’t fit into your new place can remain in storage until you find a spot for them. Think of what a huge hassle it would be to sell and rebuy all your belongings just so that you can get that little project done right. There is an easier way!

When making space for a relative or new baby means giving up your man/girl cave, you’ll be relieved to know that you can recreate a space that’s all yours at your local storage facility.

Storage facilities also help to keep appliances, furniture and other items out of the way during renovations. With a clear space to work, the reno process moves faster, and you can get “back to normal” much sooner. 

For those experiencing divorce or separation, storage facilities provide a safe cost-effective space to store your belongings while you figure out what comes next.

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Collectors & Hobbyists

If you’re an antique and/or art collector, you’ll be able to protect and preserve your collections in a dedicated storage unit equipped with insulated walls that prevents significant temperature variations and therefore damage. 

For sports enthusiasts, storage units provide you that much-needed space to safely store equipment and gear, such as bicycles, golf clubs and skis. Plus, storage facilities offer secure 24/7 access, so you can pick up and return your gear whenever you need to without waiting for office hours.

Artists, hobbyists or tinkerers wanting to work on projects that require space, such as woodworking, sculpting, painting or vehicle restoration – you’ll be free to follow your heart’s desires in your self storage unit, and your family will thank you for the extra space you’ll create in your home, garage and/or yard.

Travellers & Grey Nomads

There’s no reason to part with your treasured possessions just because you’ve got itchy feet. If you love to travel the world, or you’ve decided to do the grey nomad thing for a few years, your self-storage unit provides a safe, cost-effective space where you can store as much as you want for as long as you want without having to worry about whether or not your tenants are ruining the furniture, destroying your prized possessions or making off with your valuables.

Downsizers & Retirees

If you are a retiree or downsizer you can declutter and store your belongings until you decide what to do with them. Rather than having to make the difficult decisions about which items to keep and which to part with, you can store all your treasured belongings while you move. Then, once the stress of moving is over and you’ve settled into your new place, you can use your storage unit to safely preserve the memories of a lifetime for future generations.

Not sure what sized storage unit you might need? Simply click here and use the “60 sec Space Calculator”

TAFE & Uni Students

If you’re a student staying in dormitories residences, you may be required to vacate your room during the holidays. Having a storage unit nearby saves you the hassle and expense of carting your belongings all the way home and back again.

Self storage units are also great for students living in share accommodation or tiny living spaces. You can use your storage unit to safely stow bicycles, surfboards, skis, golf clubs and other sports gear, motorcycles, and/or equipment and materials for your studies that simply don’t fit into your digs. 

Another benefit that storage units offer TAFE and uni students is the ability to securely store your valuables, which may be tricky when you’re living in share accommodation with little or no privacy and/or security. 

Most modern storage facilities offer reasonable rates and flexible rental periods, which makes them a practical and affordable storage option for students. Plus, if you have a group of friends whom you trust, you can always share a storage unit and split the costs.

Entrepreneurs, e-Commerce Merchants & Micro-business Owners

If your e-commerce business has outgrown your dining room table and your spare room is packed to the rafters with stock, a self-storage unit provides a safe and convenient location to store your inventory, packing materials and shipping supplies. 

Many storage facilities offer business amenities so you can run your business and store your stock from a single, secure, easily accessible location. Plus, some storage facilities also offer order fulfilment and distribution services.

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Tradies & Business Owners in Need of a Base of Operations

If your business keeps you out and about all day, you’ll find it much more cost-effective and convenient to use a storage facility as your base of operations, instead of renting expensive business premises. 

With modern storage facilities like Silo Storage providing power, lights, alarms, and a host of other business amenities, it’s easy to see why so many tradies and on-the-go business owners choose to run their businesses from one of the Silo Storage facilities. 

Plus, there’s the added advantage of being able to store everything from business records and tools to heavy equipment, delivery vans, trucks and more on site. And, you can convert your storage unit into a workshop where you can work on projects and carry out minor repairs.

Business Owners in Need of More Space

If you’ve run out of space at your current business premises, you could rent a self-storage unit at Silo Storage to store all your business records, furniture, inventory and surplus items off-site. With a range of sizes from 9m2 (half a garage) to 63m2 (triple garage) mini-warehouses in which to store your inventory you will find a great solution at Silo Storage https://silostorage.com.au/.

Moving your business to a self storage facility equipped with business amenities can be much more cost-effective than it would be to rent a larger commercial space. Silo Storage  offers the flexibility and scalability to easily increase and/or decrease the amount of space you’re renting as your needs change, without having to move to new premises. Plus, you can efficiently manage your inventory, fulfil orders, and store important records securely on a single site.

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Business Owners & Individuals Looking For Seasonal Storage 

As a retailer, restauranteur or business owner, you’ll know just how cumbersome seasonal and sales props can be. They take up valuable space in your shop, restaurant or business storerooms. Then there is the added hassle of finding the space to deal with seasonal inventory fluctuations…. 

Meanwhile at home, much-needed room is occupied by holiday decorations, summer sports equipment, or winter apparel… the list goes on.

Renting a storage unit, whether for business or personal storage (or both) allows you to free up space around your home or business premises and securely store seasonal items off site until they are needed again. 

Not sure what sized storage unit you might need? Simply click here and use the “60 sec Space Calculator”

Business Owners & Individuals in Need of Secure Off-site Archiving

Storing business or personal records and archives and other documents on-site at your home or business premises can be cumbersome and risky as they may be stolen, damaged or destroyed. 

A self storage unit at Silo Storage will provide a secure and climate-stable environment for storing important records and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. The units are pest- and weather-resistant, individually lockable, and equipped with fire and theft alarms, so you can be confident that your records are safe and secure.

Vehicle Owners 

If you’re a car enthusiast, you’ll find no better place to store your pride and joy than a purpose-built Silo Storage storage unit. Fitted with lights and power, these units allow you to use battery chargers, and minor power tools – in short, everything you need to keep your car in great condition. Plus, Silo Storage units are specifically designed to protect against environmental factors. And the state-of-the-art security systems in service provide added peace of mind.

Instead of taking up valuable space in your garage or yard, or risking parking on the street, you can use a storage facility to store your caravan, RV, camper trailer, boat and/or watercraft securely during off-season. Secure 24/7 access means you’ll be able to hitch up and head out whenever you like.

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People Affected by Floods, Fire Emergencies & Other Disaster Situations

It’s comforting to have a storage unit on hand in times of natural disasters, evacuations and/or temporary relocations due to emergencies. If you are displaced from your home due to evacuations, clean-up and repair operations or other unfortunate circumstances, your unit will provide a safe and secure place to store your belongings until you get back on your feet again.

Ready to Start Your Storage Journey & Enjoy The Many Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit?

Silo Storage units have become indispensable to a wide range of individuals and businesses, including students, growing families, tradies, micro-business owners, hobbyists, collectors, travellers, and retirees, the diverse self-storage user base continues to grow as more people recognise the convenience and practicality that our units provide.

Whatever your reason for wanting more space, Silo Storage offers a flexible, secure, and cost-effective solution. To get started, simply browse our range of units, use our size calculator to determine the size of the unit that best suits your needs and book your unit today via our online booking system. Alternatively, reach out to our friendly team and we’ll gladly help you find your ideal storage solution.