Pathway to Efficiency: Revolutionise Your Business With Document & Archive Storage

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Pathway to Efficiency: Revolutionise Your Business With Document & Archive Storage

Is your office drowning in paperwork? Are you tired of a shrinking office due to any extra space being taken up with archived documents? 

We’ve got great news for you! Silo Storage document and archive storage units will take your business operations to a whole new level. 

It’s time to say goodbye (and good riddance) to overflowing filing cabinets, wasted space, lack of productivity, disorganisation and outright chaos in your office or workspace. Not to mention the constant concerns over document safety and security…

And say hello to a more efficient, streamlined, productive and pleasant business space.

What’s more, bringing about this transformation is super-easy with the secure business document and archive storage solutions on offer at your local Silo Storage facility.

Challenges of traditional document storage

1. Space woes

Do you find yourself skirting around tottering towers of archive boxes, trying to inch past mounds of paper, always in search of somewhere to store the ever-increasing numbers of records you’re obliged to keep?

Perhaps your home-based business documents have pushed your car out of the garage onto the street and your client records and financial statements are gobbling up precious space in your home office faster than you can say “storage nightmare”?

It’s impossible to work when your workspace is bursting at the seams, but moving to a new place means loads of hassles and extra expenditure.

You’ll find a simple, cost-effective solution to your space woes at your local Silo Storage facility. By storing the documents and records that need to kept but not accessed frequently, you will instantly free up valuable real estate and put it to more productive use, you won’t just be storing documents; you’ll be creating room for growth. 

Book one of our secure purpose-built storage spaces online today or talk to our friendly team about your unique document and archive storage requirements.  

2. Lost in the labyrinth

Traditional storage methods often lead to misplaced or lost papers and hours wasted playing hide-and-seek with that one essential document you know you had here somewhere…

With a secure, purpose-built document and archive storage unit, you’ll be able to get organised and stay organised. Plus, our 24/7 keypad access control system means you can access your stored documents whenever you need them – even late at night or in the wee small hours of the morning. 

Take a look here for more information on how to store your documents and archives efficiently. Alternatively, ask our team of storage experts for advice on how to pack your storage unit so you can find absolutely anything quickly and easily.

3. Security concerns

With modern technology being what it is today, you’d think we’d be able to say cheers to paper, but unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet. So, there’s no getting round the need to keep paper archives and important records. To make things worse, paper documents are vulnerable – they can be burned, damaged, rot, be lost or even fall into the wrong hands if not stored correctly. 

But, with a Silo Storage off-site document storage unit at one of our modern facilities, you’ll be confident that your documents are stored in a secure environment, safeguarded against pests, weather and unauthorized access, and fitted with state-of-the-art fire and security alarms and systems.

Find out more about your ideal business archiving solution here.

Benefits of professional document & archive storage

1. Optimise space & productivity

With bulky filing cabinets, towers of archive boxes, and piles of paper work out of the way, you’ll enjoy a clutter-free and more productive workspace. Getting there is a simple matter of deciding on the size of space you need, booking your document storage space online and storing your documents at our secure facility (you can even buy boxes and packing material).

In doing so, you’ll create a more efficient office environment that fosters productivity and creativity amongst your staff and inspires confidence in customers and clients. 

2. 24/7 secure access

Staying up late to work on an important project, only to discover the case file you need is in storage? Not a problem. With our advanced electronic access control and security systems, floodlit premises and keypad entry, you’ll be able to store and retrieve documents whenever you need to.

3. Enhanced security

Your documents are a treasure trove of valuable, sensitive and confidential information. It is vital that they are properly protected. When they are stored around the office where customers, visitors and others can easily have access to them, this information could easily fall into the wrong hands. Protect your business and client data by storing your documents in one of our purpose-built document storage units. 

Each unit is individually locked and accessible through an electronic keypad entry system. Plus,  our entire site is protected by state-of-the-art security systems including 24/7 CCTV monitoring. So, you’re sure your sensitive data is kept safe and secure.

4. Scale affordably

So many businesses fill up their office space with documents and records and then think they need more office space. But here’s the thing, office space is waaay more expensive than renting a storage unit. So would it be better to up and move your whole business just for your document storage? Probably not! 

It’s probably much more effective to expand your business by renting space for your documents instead. Yes, its a more affordable way to scale, but then you wont have to start again with building your brand in a new location. You can continue in your current location, that your customers and staff know, trust and are working efficiently at. Smart!

storing documents

Best practices for document & archive management

1. Categorise & index your records

Before you pack anything into your storage unit, take a moment to categorise and index all your documents. ‘Future you’ will totally thank ‘present you’ for doing this! Especially when it comes to laying their hands on that one document they absolutely must have for tomorrow’s big meeting. 

2. Regularly review & purge your archives

There are some documents you need to keep for stipulated amounts of time, tax, medical and financial records for instance. But it is also important for the sake of efficiency and cost-effectiveness not to let obsolete documents clutter up your storage space.

A great way to stay on top of things is to label all your boxes clearly to show the time period covered within. Plus, create an electronic inventory of all your boxes, including which documents are stored in which box and where the box is inside your storage unit. You can also set up reminders that will let you know when it’s time to clear out old records.

Regular reviews of your unit’s contents will help you to keep your document storage practices lean and efficient.

3. Properly dispose of old documents

Make sure that you properly and securely dispose of any old documents. We recommend using professional document destruction companies to ensure all sensitive information is completely destroyed. Talk to the team at Silo Storage for recommendations and advice.

Realising the ROI of document management

Professional off-site document storage is much more than simply a necessary evil. It’s an investment in your business’s success. 

A purpose-built document storage unit, such as those at your local Silo Storage facility, will

  • Save you time and money
  • Declutter your workspace
  • Enhance business efficiency
  • Improve morale and productivity
  • Increase the appeal to customers 
  • Attract quality staff members
  • Make it easier to find and access documents when you need them
  • Provide peace of mind that documents and the information contained in them are kept safe and secure.
  • Save you the stress, hassle, expense and loss of business continuity that comes with moving to bigger premises.

Any or all of these are compelling reasons to action this now as they will no doubt boost your bottom line.

Common misconceptions about document storage

1. It’s expensive

Simply not true. With Silo Storage’s wide range of unit sizes, you only pay for the size of unit you need, plus our affordable rates and flexible rental terms make renting a document storage unit incredibly cost-effective. 

In fact, renting a Silo Storage secure document storage unit can save you money in the long run by reducing storage costs, boosting productivity and mitigating risks. 

And, when you consider the alternative – finding and moving to bigger business premises, it’s practically a no-brainer!

2. It’s time consuming

On the contrary, setting up and running your efficient document storage system from one of our state-of-the-art document storage units is easy, and it pays off with greater productivity and smoother workflows.

3. My business is too small

Document management isn’t just for large corporations. Small (and even micro) businesses can benefit equally from the streamlined processes and enhanced security that come from renting a document storage unit. 

At Silo Storage, we offer a wide range of unit sizes, including small units that are economical and ideal for small businesses, click here to find out more.

Revolutionise the way you do business – book a secure document storage unit today

Ditch the chaos of traditional document management and embrace a future where every document is securely stored and easily accessible whenever you need it.

Take the first steps on the path to business efficiency today. Book one of our document and archive storage units online or talk to our friendly team today.