The Art of Moving: How To Use Self Storage to Streamline Your Next Move

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30th August 2023 Silo Storage No Comments

The Art of Moving: How To Use Self Storage to Streamline Your Next Move

Hey there, movers and shakers! Are you gearing up for a big move to a new home or office? Feeling more than a little anxious about it all? At Silo Storage, we know just how stressful and overwhelming moving can be. 

But guess what? We’ve got a secret weapon to make your transition smoother and more seamless than ever before. Enter: Silo Storage – your partner in the art of moving. 

No, we’re not removalists, but we do know a thing or two about how to make moving your business or household from one place to another a great deal easier. 

You see, at Silo Storage, we’ve helped hundreds of people from all around Australia to store their belongings safely and securely while they move. 

Honestly, knowing that your treasured possessions, expensive equipment and/or the inventory that is the life blood of your business is safely stored and easily accessible makes all the difference. 

Especially when it comes to those times when:

  • You have a gap between your old place and your new place and you need to store your belongings somewhere;
  • Your new home or office is not quite ready on moving day and you need a couple of days or weeks to temporarily store your goods
  • You’re moving into a fully furnished rental property in Whoop Whoop while working out your contract
  • You’re headed overseas for a few years, or the unexpected happens and the timing of your move gets out of whack
  • Or any of a million other things that could happen when you have to up stumps and move. 

But we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves here. So, let’s take a deep breath, before diving in and explore the fantastic benefits of self storage during a move.


1. Space without the stress

Picture this: You’re standing in your old home surrounded by boxes, furniture and memories. You’re excited about the new chapter ahead, but the thought of hauling everything from one place to another is a bit daunting. 

Now imagine the peace of mind you’ll experience knowing that there’s a safe and secure storage unit ready and waiting for your belongings to give you some more time for the transition. That’s where Silo Storage comes in. Our thoroughly modern, weather-resistant, pest-free, purpose-built self storage units are all equipped with lights and electricity. So, you can rest assured that everything from the family photo albums to Nan’s antique dresser will be kept in good condition until you’re ready to put them in your new place.

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2. Flexibility redefined

Moving timelines are notorious for their unpredictability. Your lease dates may not quite coincide, or your sale might go through before you’ve found a new place. Perhaps you’re parting ways with family or roommates or moving in with a partner and you’re trying to figure out which items to keep and which to let go. 

At Silo Storage, we understand the high levels of stress you’re in at times like this, and we know that some decisions should not be rushed. We’ll provide a safe secure space for you to store your items for as long (or short) as you need to. So you have the freedom to tackle your move at your own pace. Flexibility? Check!


3. Keep calm and stay organised

We get it – moving can be chaotic. So why not let the friendly team at your local Silo Storage help to keep your sanity intact. 

We offer a wide range of storage unit types and sizes that are ideal for storing all your non-essential items, such as personal and/or business records, archive boxes, collectables, artworks (yes, even that weird sculpture thing your partner loves and you despise), sporting gear, workshop and garden tools, and much more.  

With our flexible lease terms, you’ll have the breathing room you need to organise your move, clear out your old place, declutter your new space and decide what’s to be done about those contraversial bits and pieces. So you can gradually unpack without feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of boxes.

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4. Security first

Just because they’re in storage does not mean that your belongings are not important to you. At Silo Storage we understand that and we take security very seriously, which is why all our facilities are guarded by top-notch security systems.

Our state-of-the-art, 24/7 CCTV surveillance system, electronic entry gate, keypad access control systems and individually locked and alarmed units, ensure that you have complete peace of mind at all times. So, you’re free to focus on your move, knowing your stuff is safe with us.

self storage security

5. Freedom to embrace the transition

While there’s a lot to worry about when it comes to moving, there’s also a lot to look forward to. At Silo Storage, our aim is to eliminate the worrying factors so you can embrace the excitement and wonder of moving to a new place with new opportunities.

By storing your goods in our secure, affordable, purpose-built self storage units and, most importantly, having access to your stored items 24/7 via our electronic keypad access system, you’ll be able to focus on settling into your new home. Unpack at your leisure, decorate thoughtfully, and create a space that truly feels like yours.

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Frequently asked questions about self storage for movers

We’ve been helping people to store while they move for quite some time now, and in that time we’ve heard a lot of interesting questions. There are some that keep coming up though, and, since you’re probably also wanting answers to one or more of these, now seems like a good time to share them with you. 


Q: How do I choose the right storage unit size?

A: If you’re struggling to work out how much storage space you need, you could try using an online calculator, such as the Silo Storage space calculator to estimate your required storage space. 

Simply choose the type of storage you need (e.g., moving house, creating more space, vehicle storage, or business storage). Then enter the number of rooms (large and small) and/or the number of large/small items and/or boxes you would like to store. 

Click on ‘Find My Unit Size’ and let the calculator do the rest.  

Still not sure? Talk to our friendly team (02) 7229 0296, we’d love to help you find the perfect fit. 


Q: Is Silo Storage cost-effective?

A: Absolutely! Our affordable rates and flexible rental terms make storing with Silo Storage highly affordable and cost-effective. Your belongings are much to valuable to get rid of and buy again – so store them. Plus with our wide range of unit sizes on offer, and the ability to easily scale up or down, you only ever pay for the space you need. 

To see available unit sizes and prices simply click here

Q: Can I access my stored items whenever I need to?

A: Of course! We understand how frustrating it can be to have to wait until office hours to access your stored items. That’s why we offer 24/7 electronic keypad access to all our storage facilities. So, you’re never far from your belongings when you need them.


Q: Will my fragile and sensitive items be safe in storage?

A: Yes. All Silo Storage units are purpose-built, weather-proof, pest-free, clean, dry and well-maintained. Plus, all our units are fitted with lighting and power outlets. So you can add climate control units and de/humidifiers to create the ideal environment in which to store, sensitive items such as paintings, sculpture or other works of art, as well as collectibles, books, archives and antiques. 

Additionally, you can obtain professional-grade packaging, labels and tools, as well as advice on how best to store almost anything you can think of, from our onsite box shops.


Q: How do I get started?

A: Getting started in storage is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply decide what size storage unit you need using our online size estimator, book and pay for your unit via our secure online booking system, and start packing! 

If at any stage you get stuck, need assistance or just want some advice, you can always get in touch with our team of storage experts who will gladly help you out on (02) 7229 0296.



So there you have it, fellow movers! The art of moving just got a whole lot smoother with Silo Storage.  Ready to let Silo Storage supercharge your move?

If you’re ready to say goodbye to moving mayhem and embrace the joy of transitioning to your new home or office, reach out to your local Silo Storage today on (02) 7229 0296

With flexible storage options and top-tier security, we’re your partner in making your move memorable for all the right reasons. 

Book your unit online or get in touch today and let’s turn your move into a masterpiece!